Features of Evalyzer (1) Test Design

Define your tasks

The First step of a remote user test with Evalyzer is to define tasks that you want your participants to realize. This step is crucial, because the objectives of the website must be correctly identified.

Evalyzer can define unlimited numbers of tasks for each test campaign. Any url can be defined as a starting web page. It might be the home page or another internal or external page of a website . Thus, It is possible to test two different websites with the same task !

Benefits in 3 points

  • ¬†Unlimited number of tasks
  • ¬†Possibility to compare different websites with the same task
  • ¬†Starting page can be a part of a local network


Create your questionnaire

In a simple and intuitive way, Evalyzer allows you to create your own questionnaire according to the variables you want to study. There are infinite possibilities of questions :for example, demographic aspects or satisfaction. Furthermore, you can see the effect of these variables on the participants’ navigation : do all age groups of your visitors have the same needs ?  With data collected from the questionnaire combined with data from navigation, now you have real analytical power to segment your participants.

Benefits in 3 points

  • ¬†Simple and flexible implementation
  • ¬†Segmentation of participants
  • ¬†Qualitative data


Set up your test

Evalyzer was designed to fit for your user test design. With a single click, you can choose to save the camera captures of your participants and the sound of their microphone. Also choose if you want a random task order, or the placement of the task instructions during the test. These settings give you the feeling like if you were performing the test alongside your participants.

Benefits in 3 points

  • ¬†Fits many kinds of protocol
  • ¬†Study, if you wish, the learning effect
  • ¬†Observe and listen to your participants


Define your goals

What users declare is useful, but we have to check if they really succeed in their task. With Evalyzer, it is no longer required to visualize long hours of test videos, it's automatic! After defining your tasks, set also the actions that users must perform to finish the task (for example, adding a specific item in a basket and validation ...). Evalyzer then detects the success or failure of these objectives.

 Benefits in 3 points

  • ¬†Save your time on the analysis phase
  • ¬†Distinguish between true and false failures (or successes)
  • ¬†Suitable for all types of tasks


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