Don’t worry about your UX competencies, get an automatic report in a few clicks!

For all Web projects & all devices.


  • A all in one tool for User Testing in lab or remotely.
  • Test your Web site with users worldwide!
  • Confidentially compare your Web site with competitors.


  • Go beyond analytics
  • Understand what users do on your Web site.
  • Get behavior statistics analysis, recommended videos & qualitative questionnaires of real users.


  • Get feedbacks for a great User Centered Design!
  • Evaluate the UX of your mockups & prototypes.
  • Listen & see users in action while testing your design. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to modify my Web site?

No. Using Evalyzer, you can test any web site and web service without inserting any code or script.  

How much time it takes before launching a test?

It can be very quick. As soon as you have clear objectives and finish your test design, the configuration takes just several minutes, and then you can launch it !

What about the test design?

According to the objectives and mission of your web site or web service, you can design the test (tasks and surveys) in order to get the information you need. Our expert also can help you!

Do you provide me a panel?

Yes. If you need tester panel service, we can also help you

Is it simple to invite participants?

Yes, it is very simple. Once you finish your test design, Evalyzer generates automatically an invitation link. Just send this link (by email, skype, private chat…) to your testers or just share it in your social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin…).

Can I export the data?

Yes. You can download the whole report including graphics, texts and videos from Evalyzer.

Can I test a prototype?

Yes. You can test a project in any stage: prototype, mockup, finished website…

How to supervise the tester?

Well, you do not need to do anything. Just log in to Evalyzer to see the test progress.