UX FISH EYE - the UX observatory

Thus does the observation that there is no sector UX reference statistics, the observatory UX fish eye is born with a dual purpose:

  1. Bring to web actors (designers, inlaid, webmaster, UX experts ...) UX references by sector to enable them to compare, evaluate and improve their interfaces
  2. Disseminate best UX practices to make your projects more efficient, cheaper and faster

Provide User Experience answers

Measuring the User Experience of my website? Is my REAL users interact well my website? How it lead their Google search to find me? Are my competitors provide a better user experience? Why ? and how to have the best user experience?

To respond to these questions and many others that UX FISH EYE will analyze and compare the UX of several reference sites by sector and thus bring you the trends, best practices and User Experience stats reference in your industry

All routes lead to Rome

No doubt, follow the path of our users is the key to success. But what methodology adopted? How best to design according to my users?

The study of UX knowledge annually conducted shows that too few players know how to define Web User Experience and how to measure it. We wish to offer you our User Experience knowledge to make your projects faster, more efficient and less costly.

The User Experience of your website is based on 3 pillars

  • Efficacity. How many users are able to use your website
  • Efficiency. At what price do they succeed?
  • Satisfaction. Does this experience gives them satisfaction?

Sector studies UX FISH EYE let you know the UX of your competitors and improve yourself as good trends.

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